Jan 2020

Getting Ready for the Dragon-Lion War

“God is coming down in the midst of your familiar settings. He has a way to communicate to you. You are going to need to defamiliarize yourself with the atmosphere that is familiar to you in order to hear Him. What is around you now, even those who are around you now, may not realize the new identity God is moving you into. 

“After Jesus was baptized, he went to the wilderness for 40 days and he came out different. He faced the best Satan had to throw at him. When you face all hell, you will become something different. When you come through something like that, those who know you may not realize that you are different. You will sense it. Everything around you may look the same, but you won’t relate to it the same way. 

“We need to benefit from the trials we have faced, because this is an era where the war intensifies. It’s intensifying in America. Watch Israel, because what is going on there is a model for the other nations. We have entered a dragon-lion war season. Without the sound coming from God’s Ekklesia—you—the dragon will rise. He’s fire-breathing and he will singe what’s happening. If you do not know your identity and do not defamiliarize yourself with your surroundings, you won’t know how to move with the Lord against this dragon. If you don’t know your authority, the Word He’s given you to war with, or the place He’s leading you to war in, you won’t be effective in this war.” (Chuck Pierce)

“In that day, the Lord with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.” (Isaiah 27:1; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Have you experienced a trial that you know changed you? Receive the revelation that God will use this changed you.
  • Are you in any place of familiarity that has led to complacency in your life? Purpose to defamiliarize yourself with your surroundings. Ask the Lord to help you see your surroundings, your family, your community, and your church connections, differently. Why are you really in that line of work? Why are your children in that particular school. Look, and look again.
  • God is putting the Church in the battle to defeat the dragon. Check yourself. Are you fully on His side? Where do you waver in your convictions?
  • Do you understand the authority the Lord has graced you with as you have passed through various trials? The testing of your faith produces spiritual authority in you. 
  • Pray for Israel. Look at and see how Israel is in the news today.
  • Pray, “Lord, I want to be effective in spiritual warfare with You. I am on the Lion’s side against the dragon.”

A prayer you can pray:

Father, life has been hard at times and I feel the trials I have been through have changed me. Sometimes I feel weary and I want my old self back. As I contemplate the changes that have come, the maturing and the wisdom, I can see that there are benefits to passing through the pain. Also, I can relate so much better to others who have suffered likewise. The devil is ruthless against humanity. You are on our side and I want to be fully on Yours. Let me really look at how familiar things around me have become. Let’s make some changes. Open my eyes to what I haven’t seen. Don’t let me be afraid to see. Open my heart to what I have tried not to feel. Defamiliarize me to my surroundings, Lord. I am in this world, but not of it. Let me not be too comfortable in it. As I watch Israel this year, show me how what they are going through is a sign to us. I want to be effective in spiritual warfare with You. I am on the Lion’s side against the dragon! I’m with You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

From the trials we face comes a new identity and grace. We must walk in it to defeat the enemy in the places God has put us.

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.

Jan 2020

God is Sending His Deliverers to the People This Year

“There are things in our bloodlines that are going to get stirred up this year. These things that have been hidden from us, but not from God, are going to need to get delivered of, so they can’t affect our future. Moses was comfortable in Pharaoh’s palace, but something happened when he saw an Israelite being mistreated. Something in his bloodline rose up and he murdered the Egyptian attacker. His anger led to an action that caused him to need to run to another place. 

“It took 40 years for the Lord to wait for another window of opportunity. Some of you have been waiting 40 years. You’ve made a few mistakes. It doesn’t mean there won’t be another window. You are just going to need to watch carefully now for that window. We have to be circumspect in how we see our surroundings, so we can redeem the time. 

“The window for Moses came because the people began to cry out to God. They began to groan under the weight of their circumstances.  They cried out for deliverance. There are people crying out for deliverance now. God is going to find His people to move into places where there is a crying out for help. He’s going to move His people into societal mountains—into government and into business, education, etc. There’s going to be this tremendous move. People who don’t even know the Lord yet are going to open doors and open buildings and say, ‘We want healing to be here for our people.’ Do not feel you need to be relegated to your present state of place. Be ready to go where He sends you. He needs deliverers in many places.” (Chuck Pierce)

“The Lord said [to Moses], ‘I have seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey… And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them. So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.” (Exodus 3:7-10; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Thank the Lord for His deliverance in Your life.
  • If you have made errors in the past that have put your life on hold, let hope arise again. He will get you back on track. 
  • Let the Lord allow you to see or hear the cries of help from those needing deliverance. Intercede for them. Pray that they will know the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Ask the Lord to set up Divine meetings with those needing the deliverance you are carrying.
  • Say, “I want to be positioned by You, Jesus, in the place I can have the most impact. Move me anywhere You need me to be.” 
  • If you are positioned to open space for gatherings of the hurting for ministry, do it. Do you have office space, community space at an apartment complex, or room at an educational center? Ask the Lord for creative ways to reach the lost from that place.

A prayer you can pray:

Oh Lord, thank You for saving me and delivering me! You truly changed my life. I hardly remember the course of destruction I was on. You made a new path for me. It was the path You had always wanted me on. If I have wandered off of it at any point, thank You that You are able to get me back on it again. Let my choices by the ones You want for me. I know there are so many people out there who are wandering around with no direction. They are oppressed by the devil and they are hurting. Show me, Jesus. Let me hear their cries for help. Position me to meet the needs of those who suffer as I once did. So many need You. Move me where I can be of the most benefit to advance Your Kingdom. Connect me with others You have likewise called. Show me what resources I have at my disposal that You might require, including meeting spaces. It’s an all-hands-on-deck season. The cries of the lost are coming up before You and You will thrust Your laborers into the harvest fields to get them! Let me be one of those in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God is sending His people wherever there are those crying out for deliverance. Be ready to go!

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.

Jan 2020

A Key State to Focus on This Year

“I see a window over the state of California. I have a strong connection with this state. I pray for California. My daughter and her family live there. When she was moving there, she asked me if I had been one that prophesied that California would fall into the ocean. I said, ‘No, but we gave you swimming lessons in case it does.’ Ha! You just have to go where God tells you, even if hard things have been prophesied over the place. 

“California is the closest place to Israel in our nation. What I mean by that is that it has the same atmosphere as Israel. It has the same look as Israel. There is some sort of Divine anointing on it. It has a few problems. We all know that. But if He can save my family, He can save California. There is an open window over the state that we have to look up and see. It’s time for breakthrough in California.

“California is known for its free thought. This is a year for a war over your free thought. God is saying it will be a year of great shaking in California. There will be a great shaking, but the Lord says His people will remain standing. He also says the voice of His people will be heard out of the shaking. I don’t think this is talking about an earthquake. Maybe, but that wouldn’t take much of a prophet to prophesy over a state with numerous earthquakes. I think California is going to have such a governmental shakeup that it starts setting the Church on a new course.” (Chuck Pierce)

“Then Jesus shouted out again, and he released his spirit. At that moment the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The earth shook, rocks split apart. The Roman officer and the other soldiers at the crucifixion were terrified by the earthquake and all that had happened. They said, ‘This man truly was the Son of God!’” (Matthew 27:50-51 and 54; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • If you have judged California, ask the Lord to forgive you. He loves every single soul there. 
  • God has a purpose for California and He has moved there many times in the past. The Azusa Street revival rocked the world from there. The Jesus Movement began there. Call for another wave of awakening.
  • Say, “God isn’t finished with California!”
  • Pray for California’s governmental system. He has prophesied that a change is coming there. Many Believers are running for political office at every level. Can you believe with them for miracles? Pray!
  • Declare, “California’s governmental shaking will affect the whole nation. God is going to reverse some things and start California on a new path of Glory!”
  • Watch and pray for California this year.

A prayer you can pray:

God, we say there is a window opening over California. You see multitudes in need of You in that state. You see riches and resources in abundance. There are physical resources and resources in technology, creativity, farming, and many other things provided by this state. We rejoice over California. We celebrate the past moves of God there. Multitudes have been swept into the Kingdom quickly in these past moves. Their effect went out across this nation and to the nations of the earth. Do it again, God. We especially pray for the government. Leaders have brought darkness and confusion into the state. We ask You to turn the prosperity of California around again. Turn their morality around. Turn many hearts to You, Jesus. We pray for the many Christians running for political office there, who hope to effect these changes. Open doors for them. Bring funding to them. Bring a political shakeup that ushers these into office. We believe California’s governmental shaking will affect the whole nation. You are going to reverse some things and start California on a new path of Glory! We will commit to pray for this key state as You lead us to throughout this year in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

There will be a government shakeup in California that will affect the Church across America! 

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.

Jan 2020

Protection Over the Nation

President Trump has specifically said that he knows the Lord placed him in the position he’s in. He is there for such a time as this. We all know this nation impacts the world. “There are plots against him that are not even hidden right now,” Paula White Cain said on the One Voice Prayer Movement Call yesterday. We proclaim, “Jesus is Lord over our nation, over President Trump, over our cities, churches, communities, and families.” Let’s pray the Lord’s protection over all of these things in accordance with Psalm 91. 

Those that founded the nation would never have believed this nation would ever be so divided. There are those in government and media who are very upset that  Iran’s terrorist General Soleimani was killed by U.S. Forces. It had been discovered that he was planning to inflict great harm on Americans in the Middle East. President Trump said he authorized attacks that removed Soleimani in order to prevent war in the region. Arab News wrote that this was a very positive action for the people of the Middle East. American news sources made it look like the president had just purposefully incited war in Iraq. There were, in fact, two retaliatory attacks by Iran on U. S. bases in Iraq yesterday. We must not fear, but look at the bigger picture and jump into the gap and intercede. Praying Ekklesia, we are taking ground against America’s enemies, however, we are taking it through the power of prayer.

We are in a sensitive and critical time in history. We need God like never before. Ultimately, we are asking God for mercy and a third Great Awakening, not a third World War. Join us in believing for God’s purposes to continue until He has accomplished everything He desires to accomplish in and through this nation over the next few years.

“The king rejoices in your strength, Lord. How great is his joy in the victories you give! For the king trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken. Your hand will lay hold on all your enemies; your right hand will seize your foes. Be exalted in your strength, Lord; we will sing and praise Your might.” (Psalm 21:1, 7-8 & 13; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Pray for the protective hand of God over America, our president and other government leaders, and our soldiers on the battlefield. Pray for the innocent ones in America and worldwide.
  • Pray that the president would walk in discernment, and that the Lord would bring those around him that are filled with His wisdom, discernment, and revelation.
  • Call for the raising up of a governmental prayer movement that will intercede into the current volatile situation in Iran and Iraq.
  • Ask the Lord for His children to walk in greater unity, to love one another, and purposefully remove the barriers that separate us.
  • Intercede passionately for revival and awakening in America.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we pray Psalm 85:4-7, “Restore us again, O God of our salvation. Put aside your anger against us once more. Will You be angry with us always? Will You prolong Your wrath to all generations? Won’t You revive us again, so Your people can rejoice in You? Show us Your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us Your salvation.” You revive us again out of our covenant mercies. They are new every morning. There is a move of the Holy Spirit to revive hearts and restore relationship with You because of Your mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgement. The current move to abort a move of God will come to nothing. Bring us a historic revival. Give us a great awakening. We have not just crossed a threshold into a new day, a new decade, but into the beginning of a great harvest—a third great awakening. We ask You to set a protective atmosphere to cover this nation, over all of our people, as we pray in unity. We cannot have revival and awakening unless You hold back the hand of the enemy. Manifest our testimony that You are a God that cares—about the lost and about Your Church.  We align ourselves with your nature, your Glory. Your presence is filled with mercy and goodness. When the Spirit comes with power and conviction, we say, “Our nation will receive You.” 

We ask for a restraint against the Prince of Persia, who rules over Iran and Iraq. We pray over the Middle East, where Soleimani would have caused great destruction. We thank you for the courageous decisions made by President Trump and his advisers. The release of your Spirit will bring freedom and protection against that ancient demonic spirit that attempts to rule over the Middle East. It is not Your will for there to be another world war at this time. There will not be a WWIII! Give our military leaders eagle eyes to see what the enemy is up to. We thank You for Your intervention to protect our troops in the Middle East. We call upon You, Lord of the nations, to take complete control. You want to redeem. We remember the prayers of Your people across the generations—Esther, Daniel, and others—that have prayed for freedom for Your people. We agree with those prayers today. Raise up a mighty governmental praying army, praying passionately in unity. May we see Your purposes established in the earth in this hour in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

In His mercy, the Lord will answer our prayers and protect us!

Jan 2020

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month


Call Instructions—One Voice Prayer Movement

Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 12:00 P.M. EST (Adjust for your time zone) 

1. Dial 712-775-7430, with no code necessary. 

2. If first line is full, dial 712-775-7431; enter code 2452#

3. To join the call via webcast: visit the One Voice Prayer Movement website and follow the instructions.


We applaud President Donald J. Trump who has made the following declaration on December 31, 2019 for the month of January 2020. You can read the entire proclamation here. This is an excerpted version:

“Human trafficking erodes personal dignity and destroys the moral fabric of society. It is an affront to humanity that tragically reaches all parts of the world, including communities across our Nation. Each day, in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and tribal lands, people of every age, gender, race, religion, and nationality are devastated by this grave offense. During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to eradicate this horrific injustice.

“Human trafficking is often a hidden crime that knows no boundaries. By some estimates, as many as 24.9 million people ‑- adults and children — are trapped in a form of modern slavery around the world, including in the United States. Human traffickers exploit others through forced labor or commercial sex, and traffickers profit from their victims’ horrific suffering. The evil of human trafficking must be defeated. We remain relentless in our resolve to bring perpetrators to justice, to protect survivors and help them heal, and to prevent further victimization and destruction of innocent lives.

“My Administration is committed to using every available resource, strengthening strategic partnerships, collaborating with State, local, and tribal entities, and by introducing innovative anti-trafficking strategies to bring the full force of the United States Government to help end this barbaric practice once and for all. In January 2019, I was proud to sign both the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act and the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, reaffirming our commitment to preventing trafficking in all forms.

“This month, we renew our resolve to redouble our efforts to deliver justice to all who contribute to the cruelty of human trafficking, and we will tenaciously pursue the promise of freedom for all victims of this terrible crime. NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 2020 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, culminating in the annual observation of National Freedom Day on February 1, 2020. I call upon industry associations, law enforcement, private businesses, faith-based and other organizations of civil society, schools, families, and all Americans to recognize our vital roles in ending all forms of modern slavery and to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities aimed at ending and preventing all forms of human trafficking.” (President Donald J. Trump)

“The Sovereign Lord has filled me with his Spirit. He has chosen me and sent me to bring good news to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to announce release to captives and freedom to those in prison.” (Isaiah 61:1; GNT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Thank the Lord that President Trump has engaged our national government in the war against human trafficking in America. 
  • Our nation will additionally work to end it globally. Pray that our government entities will develop wise strategies to deal with this.
  • Pray for better security at our borders. This is one way to curtail the tide of trafficked people in from other nations.
  • Intercede for the victims of human trafficking on U. S. soil. They may be sexually exploited or exploited as cheap labor. This must stop!
  • Decree that those who are trafficking people in your community will be exposed, arrested, tried and convicted. Declare their victims will go free!
  • Intercede for organizations that work to assist the victims. Consider supporting them in some way, if you can. Here and here are some.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, I am so grateful that President Donald J. Trump has reaffirmed the stand he took last year to end human trafficking in America. Those that have been captured and exploited by others must be set free. Grace our nation to be the leader in ending this travesty worldwide, Lord. Give our government leaders and agencies wise ways to help stop this nationally and internationally. Start with the protection of our borders, so traffickers will find it impossible to bring their prey to our soil. 

Place this issue on the hearts of Believers across the nation. We must all be on the lookout in our communities for those who use other people sexually or in labor for selfish financial gain. We decree that those trafficking in our cities will be exposed, found out, arrested, tried and convicted. There will not be any way for them to hide or get away. Raise up the educators to help train police departments and other emergency responders to recognize signs of trafficking.

We weep for those who have lost so much of their lives to this injustice. Give them justice. Bring those to them who can provide healing. Cause Isaiah 61:1 to be our reality and let us help the captives to go free, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We say, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! End this in America, Jesus!” Amen.

Today’s decree:

We will no longer tolerate human trafficking in the United States of America! We are going to see it end.

Jan 2020

Urgent – One Voice Prayer Movement Call TOMORROW

News has just broken that Iran has even threatened the White House after the takedown of terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleimani. Please join us at noon Tuesday, January 7th, for our monthly One Voice Prayer Movement conference call. As tensions continue to rise, we will seek God together for our nation, including the Trump Administration, our military, our intelligence communities, and our diplomatic personnel at this urgent hour. 

The call is hosted by Paula White. Key leaders will be with us to share and pray. Most importantly we will engage Heaven together for our nation.

So join us—and let’s unite together in Jesus at this critical hour. He is watching over His covenant people to deliver us! Please mobilize your friends to join the call as well. And plan to access the call early as the call lines are limited to only five thousand. Instructions are below:

Call Instructions—One Voice Prayer Movement

Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 12:00 P.M. EST (Adjust for your time zone) 

1. Dial 712-775-7430, with no code necessary. 

2. If first line is full, dial 712-775-7431; enter code 2452#

3. To join the call via webcast: visit the One Voice Prayer Movement website and follow the instructions.

4. To receive regular prayer alerts for the White House via email, sign up at

About One Voice Prayer Movement (OVPM)

Perhaps because of the urgency we all sense, for the first time ever, prayer networks across the nation are collaborating together for One Voice. We are believing God for a massive prayer army to emerge, strengthened by our diversity, resounding together His victory, and securing our nation’s future!

You are a vital part of this team. Please join us Tuesday. Invite your friends. Together let’s make history!

The One Voice Prayer Movement Team

“He appointed military officers over the people and gathered them to him in the square at the city gate, and spoke encouragingly to them, saying, ‘Be strong and courageous, do not fear or be dismayed because of the king of Assyria nor because of all the horde that is with him; for the one with us is greater than the one with him. With him is only an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us and to fight our battles.’” (2 Chronicles 32:6-8a; ESV)

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephsians 6:8; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Plan to be on the call tomorrow.
  • Put the word out to others in your arena of influence.
  • Pray that thousands of praying Christians across many streams of the Body of Christ get on the call tomorrow. Where there is unity, God commands His blessing.
  • Worship the Lord and be sure all fear is lifted off of you before the call. Fear distorts our ability to hear the Lord and other voices of authority.
  • Pray for Paula White Cain as she helps us understand the circumstances thoroughly.
  •  Pray for Todd Lamphere, Dave Kubal, Jon Hamill, and other leaders as they facilitate intercession for the President and the nation in this critical hour.
  • Begin now to pray for the Lord’s protection over the people in Iraq and Iran who are innocent parties in the middle of this conflict. 

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, this nation has found itself in a suddenly moment. Thank you for President Trump’s decision to confront wickedness and evil in the Middle East. He is committed to protecting American soldiers and our allies there. We want to understand the situation better, so we can pray more effectively. To that end, we ask You to encourage many praying Christians to get on the call. Let those of us with networks get the word out. We will prepare our hearts and minds for spiritual battle, worshipping You, reminding ourselves of Who You are, and removing all fear, doubt, and unbelief from our thoughts and minds. Raise up the interceding army of God as a protective shield over the nation and our allied nations. Just like Rees Howells did during World War II, grant the Church supernatural grace to intercede, and supernatural favor in Your courts. Hear, Lord, and act on our behalf. Hear and act for the sake of the innocent ones. Give Paula White Cain clear speech and clear communication lines to tell us what we need to know. Let the ministry leaders on the call hit the mark as they lead us in intercession. May we see the results of the answers to our prayers displayed in the media. Encourage the Church that our prayers are being heard and answered, so we want to pray even more. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

Let the voices of the praying Church determine the outcome of the battles America faces!

Jan 2020

A Year to Need the Word and Faith

“The Lord placed a demand on me many years ago to memorize as much of the Word as I could. He wanted me to be able to ‘read’ it without opening it. You may not have that same call. If you don’t, then just get what He wants you to have. For my brother, Keith, it was ‘Set your face like a flint.’ With just that one verse God could get him where he needed to be. When God gives you that piece He wants you to have, get it so deep in you that the enemy can’t pull it out.

“Freedom is a result of what you speak. If you want breakthrough, you are going to need to have the faith to speak the Word of God into your situation. This decade is about our voice determining our future. It is linked with coming face-to-face. You are going to come to some face-to-face moments and it’s out of the choice you make in that face-to-face moment that your future is determined. 

“This is something to understand about faith. Faith is a response we have toward an object. It is linked with time and place. For example, how we respond in worship can cause our faith to come into a new dimension. Faith isn’t something you are looking for ‘out there’. It is something that comes at a certain place at a certain time and you are making a conscious choice toward the object of your faith—the God of this universe.

“God chose Moses. I love the verse in Hebrews 11 where it says his mother had the faith to know what to do for three months. Then she had to make a shift. So Moses’ mother had faith for three months, then she knew she had to make a decision. She knew she had to have a different faith to release him and put him in the river. He ended up in Pharaoh’s court.” (Chuck Pierce)

“By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command… By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.” (Hebrews 3:23 and 27; NKJV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Fix your eyes on Jesus for a few moments. He is your ultimate goal, the object of your affection.
  • What are the scriptures God has given you as “life verses” that help you find Him or find your way forward? If you don’t have at least one, get it from Him right now.
  • Pray for a greater measure of faith to partner with your Word, so that your decrees and declarations of His Word are more effective. 
  • Have you walked in faith, but have now become aware that you are at a point where a shift is needed? Maybe you have gone as far as you can in one direction and need to shift, as Moses’ mother did. Ask God what His plan is now.
  • Intercede for an overall increase in faith and knowledge of the Word for all of God’s people.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, I fix my eyes on You for You are the author and finisher of my faith. With You, I can make it through anything, no matter how challenging. When I think about Moses’ mother and the hard decisions she faced, I see how You came through for her. You showed her exactly what to do. You moved Moses right into the center of Your will for Him, as she listened carefully to You. When she ran out of grace for one thing, You showed her how to shift. Show me, too. Stir up the verses You have brought to life for me. Give me new ones that I’ll need for this new season. Increase my faith and mix it all together as I gaze on You, precious Lord. The world is getting more dangerous and my life circumstances have at times been dangerous, but You will put Your Word in my mouth and the breakthrough will come. I will follow You closely and carefully. Let the whole Body of Christ develop a hunger for Your Word and a desire for an intimate friendship with You. Let the world see Jesus in Your beautiful Bride, the Church, in Jesus’ name. We will see miracles. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We will mix faith with the Word and speak our breakthroughs into existence!

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.

Jan 2020

The Breakthrough Anointing is Here

“We can’t back up going into this next decade. You have come too far to turn back now. Join Him in the battle. We are going to go into a spiritual battle. The Lord says, ‘Put your hands to the plow and don’t look back.’ Decree, ‘We can finish this field. We have new strength to advance.’ He is giving us a new strength to get up and decree. We are going to see with our own eyes what we have been praying for, declaring, and decreeing. You will see what He has been doing behind the scenes and how He has brought you to this place.

“There is a breakthrough anointing coming down now. It is coming on the unexpected ones. You won’t even know you’ve got it until you start seeing the manifestation of it. It is going to come in worship. It will come in unexpected places. It is going to come like lightning. 

“I was struggling once and needed a serious breakthrough in my health. I asked the Lord why the breakthrough wasn’t coming. He said to me, ‘You would be surprised the places I can’t get through.’ I immediately thought of Nazareth. The Bible said Jesus couldn’t do many miracles there. There had to be a change in the atmosphere for that to occur. God is saying now that we have come to the breakthrough place and we have the ability to get through! You can get through the core structure that has been holding you back and holding your miracle back. It is here! Do not back up in it!” (Chuck Pierce)

“He who opens the breach goes up before them; they break through and pass through the gate, going out by it. Their king passes on before them, the Lord at their head.” (Micah 2:13; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Ask the Lord for a new strength to break through into a new place.
  • Say, ‘I will put my hands to the plow and not look back. I can finish this field. I have new strength to advance.’
  • If it seems that the Lord cannot breakthrough for you in your circumstances, bravely ask Him if there is a reason He cannot break through there for you. Is it familiarity? Is it doubt and unbelief? Is there sin or an iniquitous structure? Don’t be afraid to let Him show you, so you can move forward together. Wait for Him to show you. Get delivered and move forward.
  • Declare, “My miracle is here and I will see the Lord manifest it for me!”

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, help me to break through into a new and prosperous place. I want to walk in this season of the miraculous with You. Give me Your strength to move into it. I will put my hands to the plow and not look back. I can finish this field. I have new strength through You to advance. Jesus paid the price for me. If You are not able to break through for me, show me if there is something I can do to participate in this with You. Is there unrepentant sin? Is there a shred of doubt and unbelief? I believe! Help me in my unbelief! Have I neglected to forgive anyone? Is the atmosphere I’m in complacent or corrupt? Let’s overcome this together, Jesus. I look to You for breakthrough. I will partner together with You until it comes. My miracle is here and I will see You manifest it for me! Amen.

Today’s decree:

He has gone before us and brought us into this breakthrough moment!

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.

Jan 2020

The Rising Army of Worshippers

“There is an army of worshippers rising. It is going to take many voices and many sounds of worship to make up the choir that will win the battles ahead. God is calling many into this holy choir. The song of the Lord will lead the way. The song of the Lord will win the battles. The song and the battle are going to be one. Declare the Word in song. Sing the song. Decree the Word in the song. Sing it out. Declare it loud. 

“The songs will bring peace in the middle of the storm. Sing out. Sing the songs out. Never stop praising in the middle of the storm. Exalt King Jesus. Let the King arise on your praises. The glory of the King will rise up as you praise. The battle will be won as you praise. Be like David. Go to war with a song on your lips and the Word in your heart.

“Join the Lord and never stop worshipping Him. Never stop praising. Never stop praying. Never stop decreeing. Say it loud. Sing it loud. Pray it loud. Decree it loud. Let the voice of the Lord be heard in His people. We will not stop. We will join the Lord in the battle with our praise!” (Julie Meyer)

“Praise him, kings and all peoples, princes and all other rulers;

young women and young men, old people and children too.

Let them all praise the name of the Lord!

His name is greater than all others; his glory is above earth and heaven.

He made his nation strong, so that all his people praise him—

the people of Israel, so dear to him. 

Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 148:11-14; GNT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Praise the Lord! Let your spontaneous song rise up to Him. Tell Him how worthy He is to receive our praises.
  • Sing of the battles you are facing and sing a victory song over them.
  • Call forth the praising army of the Lord.
  • Declare that the unending praises of God’s people will rise up and create victories in this nation.
  • Read Psalm 148:11-14 as a declaration of praise.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we will exalt Your Holy Name! We will praise You for You are worthy of our praise! We will never stop praising You. When we don’t feel like it, we will praise. When we don’t see anything, we will praise. When we don’t feel anything, we will not stop praising. We want to know You in a different way. We want to see You high and exalted on our praises. Let our songs join the songs of others. 

Join us into a mighty army of worshippers. Lead us forth in praise. We are going to battle with You through our praise. Let our worship win battles. Let Your praise be on our lips and let our enemies be routed. Together, we will praise. We will never stop praising! Put Your Word in our mouths as a song. Let Your Word be a sword in our mouths in the form of a song. Let us sing Your Word loud, declare it loud, and decree it loud. Let us sing and sing and sing and sing until the battles are won. Holy One. Holy Lord Jesus. You are worthy of our praise. We will sing! Amen.

Today’s decree:

Our songs of praise and worship will be the way we war!

Learn more about Julie Meyer and her prophetic music here.

Jan 2020

The Right Time Season for the West Coast

The man healed at the gate Beautiful or “The Right Time Gate” started a chain reaction of events. 5000 were saved as they saw him, or heard about him walking and leaping and praising God. He testified that He had been healed in the name of Jesus. A right time miracle had happened at the Right Time Gate. 

A lady had a dream she shared with me recently. She saw a statue of George Washington on a horse that was reared up. He had a musket with him and she could see that he was where cherry blossom trees were blooming. The gun George Washington was holding was pointing toward the southwest. Chuck Pierce just told me that he saw the Glory of the Lord coming to the southwest United States.

Then, she saw me standing under the reared up horse and the statue of George Washington began to swivel back and forth. When it stopped, I would begin to decree. From its first position pointing to the southwest, it swiveled and he pointed to the northwest. It kept swiveling from the southwest to the northwest. And each time it stopped, I declared, “It is time!” She didn’t say it, but I knew that I was using the word for “exact right time” when I said, “It is time!”

Remember that there were cherry blossoms on the trees near this statue in the dream. I believe the exact right time in the southwest and the northwest will be in March of 2020, because March is when the cherry trees blossom. I believe something very significant is coming to the west coast of this nation, even for the soul of California. Instead of being a gate of evil into the nation, I believe California can be a gate for the Glory of the Lord to enter.

“Then Moses said, ‘I pray You, show me Your glory!’” (Exodus 33:18; NASB)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Ask the Lord to cause the wind of His fire and Glory over the Southwest and the West Coast of America.
  • Call for His Glory to sweep over the entire area, all the way up to the Pacific Northwest. 
  • Say, “The winds of the Spirit will blow over the Pacific Southwest beginning in March.”
  • Call for the fire and the glory of God over this region!
  • Agree with the prophets for the old and new wine to flow together again in this region! 
  • Pull the anointings of the past into the now and the future.
  • Declare, “Nothing will stop the move of Your Spirit, Lord!”

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we pray that you will cause Your wind to blow over California and the West Coast. It is time for Your Spirit to blow over this area of our nation once again. Glory is coming to bring signs and wonders into this state and the entire West Coast. We say we are moving into a kairos window. As we decree Your kairos breakthrough over these next few months, there will be a tremendous breakthrough in March. We say, “The winds will blow in March.” The winds of Your Spirit will come in significant ways in March. These will not bring natural fires. These will bring spiritual fires. A wind and  fire that cannot be quenched will blow through once again. It will marry the anointings of the past. We will honor the wine of the past, but we will also get the wine of today and the wine of the future. 

When the cherry trees blossom in Washington, D.C., we will decree and see the move of Your Spirit in the southwest. It will come in San Diego, in Albuquerque, in Tucson, and in Phoenix. Then, it will go all the way up to the northwest; to Northern California and Oregon and all the way to Washington. It will go back and forth. The nation will shake and quake all along the West Coast. Nothing will stop the move of Your Spirit in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

The wind of God’s Spirit is about to bring His Glory to the West Coast of America!

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